Kyle Lowry calls Jimmy Butler’s Game 6 ‘f***ing incredible,’ begs NBA not to fine him

Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler in Heat-Celtics Game 6
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Jimmy Butler had a f***ing incredible game last night: 47 points, nine rebounds, eight assists and four steals to lead the Heat – who were facing elimination – over the Celtics Boston.

Asked to describe Butler’s game, Kyle Lowry said, “f***ing incredible.”

Lowry then immediately gasped and moved to cover his mouth, adding “My bad, my bad. Aye, listen, don’t fine me, NBA. That was by mistake. That was really by mistake. I promise.” Meanwhile Butler urged the league to fine his teammate:

The NBA has fined players more frequently for profanity lately, especially for using the f-word. But the league’s fines seem fairly arbitrary. So, who knows whether Lowry will get penalized?

Really, swearing wasn’t the most offensive thing Lowry did last night. His closeout from the bench on Al Horford was an egregious violation:

That should draw a fine.