NBA rain delay: Leaky roof in Dallas leads to 16 minute second half delay


It was pouring outside the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Tuesday night — and then a leaky roof brought the rain inside and onto the court, delaying the game.

The second half of Game 4 was delayed 16 minutes because a leak in the roof meant the rain f dripping water onto the court near the Warriors’ bench. Both sides had come out of the locker rooms and were warming up for the second half when the leak was noticed.

The warmups were put on hold while crews tried to patch the roof (and appeared to use a tarp to catch the water still getting through. Crews used towels to mop up the water that got through. Once workers stopped the leak, the teams were given five more minutes to warm up, then the second half started.

Luka Doncic joked after the game it was Dirk Nowitzki’s job to fix this.

This wasn’t the first time a leak delayed a game at the American Airlines Center this season.

The Mavericks made it rain inside the arena as well, hitting 20 3s to get the Game 4 win, extending their season.