Jalen Brunson trolls his dad after Mavericks’ Game 4 win

2022 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Rick Brunson bounced around the NBA for nine seasons in the late 1990s/early 2000s as a pass-first backup point guard, spending time with the Trail Blazers, Clippers, Knicks, Bulls, Celtics, Raptors, Sonics and Rockets. A journeyman by definition.

After the Mavericks extended their season Tuesday night, Rick’s son Jalen Brunson was up on the set of Inside the NBA and Charles Barkley asked if Jalen had finally surpassed his dad as a player. Jalen trolled his dad on national television.

Jalen ain’t wrong.

The younger Brunson averaged 16.3 points a game for the Mavericks this season, 11 more than his father ever did. Jalen has become a respected NBA scorer, an option Jason Kidd and Luka Doncic trust with the ball in clutch situations. Rick was a good player, but he was never that.

The younger Brunson is about to get paid like his dad never did, either. Rick Brunson made more than $1 million a season only once in his career, Jalen will sign a new contract in the four-year, $85 million range this offseason (and that estimate may be low).

With that new contract and after throwing his dad under the bus on national television, Jalen buys dinner the next time they go out.