Referee asks Mavericks bench player Theo Pinson to change shirt so it doesn’t match Warriors’ jerseys

Mavericks bench player Theo Pinson at NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at Dallas Mavericks
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Mavericks reserve Theo Pinson – who, as a two-way player, is not even eligible for the playoffs – has made a name for himself and Dallas’ frequently fined bench throughout the postseason.

In Game 2 of the Western Conference finals, Pinson stood on the sideline wearing a white shirt – the same color as the Warriors’ jerseys – and raised his hand. Golden State guard Stephen Curry passed the ball to Pinson out of bounds, a Warriors turnover:

Before Game 3, referee Marc Davis asked Pinson – again wearing white and matching Golden State’s jerseys – to change his shirt:

Davis sounded serious, though I’m unsure how serious he was actually being. Pinson looked uncomfortable throughout the exchange. The transcription, best I could hear:

  • Davis: “Hey, do me a favor. This is crazy. Can you change your colored shirt?”
  • Pinson: “Yeah.”
  • Davis: “Thank – will you? I appreciate it.”
  • Pinson: “Actually?”
  • Davis: “Yeah.”
  • Pinson: “Why?”
  • Davis: “Because it’s the same color as them, and you’re going to be in the way. If you could do that for me. Yeah. I’ll even buy it for you.”
  • Pinson: “All right, if you buy it for me.”
  • Davis: “It don’t match. It don’t match, anyway.”
  • Pinson: “If you buy it for me, I’ll do it.”
  • Davis: “I got you. If you give it to me, send me the bill.”

Pinson did not change shirts.