His NBA peers, and even Doncic was impressed with Wiggins poster dunk


It will go down as the signature play of the Western Conference Finals.

Andrew Wiggins was near the top of the 3-point arc, took a kick-out pass from Stephen Curry, put the ball on the floor, drove the lane, and threw down a massive poster dunk over Luka Doncic.

Wiggins was initially whistled for an offensive foul on the play, but Steve Kerr challenged it and after the review the foul was taken away and the dunk stood.

Even Doncic himself was impressed with the dunk.

“That was impressive. I’m not going to lie. I saw the video again, and I was like, ‘Ooof.’ I wish I had those bunnies.”

Wiggins’ NBA peers were impressed with the dunk — and had issues with referee Marc Davis calling that foul in the first place.

Wiggins has been the most important player for the Warriors this series, doing a respectable job at the impossible task of guarding Doncic, plus providing consistent offense against a scrambling Mavericks defense. Voted an All-Star starter by the fans this season, this series has helped change the narrative of Wiggins from a disappointing No. 1 pick with a toxic contract to a quality contributor to a team likely headed to the NBA Finals.