Report: Spurs asking league to allow two “home games” in Mexico

Golden State Warriors v San Antonio Spurs - Game Three
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Mexico is a growing NBA market, and the Spurs want to capture as much of it as possible.

San Antonio is asking for two “international home games” each of the next two seasons in Mexico, reports Scott Huddleston of the Express-News.

The Spurs are looking to double the number of “home” games they can play away from the arena. That will require changes to the Spurs’ nonrelocation agreement with the county. Bexar County commissioners are scheduled to discuss the matter in a closed executive session Tuesday.

Although specific locations haven’t been nailed down, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said the latest iteration of proposed changes for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 seasons would allow the Spurs to host two international “home” games, possibly in Mexico City and Monterrey, and two others within 100 miles — Austin or perhaps San Marcos…

County commissioners are determined to “ensure there is no path” created by the amendment for the Spurs to leave San Antonio, the source said.

The Spurs are not looking to leave San Antonio.

But they are looking to expand their fan base (as are 29 other NBA franchises), something CEO R.C. Buford told the Express-News. The Spurs are trying to tap into a new market, which could be a wise move.

The NBA has seen exponential international growth in recent years and that is part of what fuels the increased franchise valuations — the NBA is a massive global business. The Spurs trying to both add to that and carve out their own little piece of it seems like the kind of thing the league office would back.

For the Spurs, it’s just a matter of making San Antonio feel comfortable with it.