Draymond Green, who has two flagrant-foul points: ‘I’m never going to change the way I play’

Steve Kerr and Draymond Green 2022 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Memphis Grizzlies
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

After flagrantly fouling Bandon Clarke – which stood as a flagrant 2 – in the Warriors’ Game 1 win over the Grizzlies yesterday, Draymond Green said he was concerned about flagrant-foul points in these playoffs.

Concerned enough to change anything?

Anthony Slater of The Athletic:


I’m never going to change the way I play basketball. It’s gotten me this far. It’s gotten me three championships, four All-Stars, Defensive Player of the Year. I’m not going to change now.

Asked whether that takes a bite out of how he plays, Green:

Absolutely not. Because if I take the bite out of how I play, then we go home early, and then the points don’t matter, anyway. So, nah. I don’t know how to take bite out. That don’t work for me. Ask Steve Kerr

Green is seemingly referring to a blowup he had at Warriors coach Steve Kerr during halftime of a 2016 game in Oklahoma City. Green yelled at Kerr, “I am not a robot!”

Undoubtedly, Green has been very successful because he plays with such passion. His approach to the game has helped him and his team far more than it has hurt.

But it has hurt. Multiple times. Including specifically for an accumulation of flagrant-foul points in a playoff run. Green is a very good player. Golden State needs him on the court.

It’d be an indictment of Green, 32, if he can’t harness his emotions enough to avoid more flagrant fouls when the consequences are so severe. Another flagrant 2 (or two flagrant 1s) would mean a one-game suspension with suspensions following for each additional flagrant foul.

But whatever defiance he expresses in a press conference today, Green deserves some benefit of the doubt that he’ll actually try harder to avoid flagrant fouls going forward. He’s not a fool.