Chris Paul was having none of Jose Alvarado and his sneaky steal

Phoenix Suns v New Orleans Pelicans
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Jose Alvarado may be an undrafted rookie who started on a two-way contract, but he has a signature move — the come-from-behind steal. He’s done it a lot this season, lurking on the baseline then sprinting up behind an unsuspecting ball handler and getting the steal (he averaged 1.3 steals a game this season, although that included more traditional steals as well).

Alvarado tried that on Chris Paul in Game 2 on Tuesday, but CP3 is too smart and was having none of it.

I love that Alvardo had the stones to try this on the Point God in a playoff game.

With Devin Booker out injured and Brandon Ingram being clutch, the Pelicans took Game 2 and evened the series 1-1, heading back to New Orleans.