Kyrie Irving flips off Celtics’ crowd after difficult made 3 (VIDEO)

2022 NBA Playoffs - 	Brooklyn Nets v Boston Celtics
Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyrie Irving will be writing a check to the league for this one.

Irving helped spark a 17-2 Nets run that brought them from double digits down to the Celtics to back into the lead to start the fourth quarter. A target of the Boston fans ever since he said he wanted to re-sign with the Celtics then was gone to Brooklyn a year later — plus Irving stomped on the Celtics’ center-court logo after a Nets win — Irving had heard enough and after a made 3 during that run flipped off the Celtics fans.

Iring later made a crying face, rubbing his eyes, to mock the Boston crowd.

In his postgame press conference Irving said fans called him a “p****” and “b****” and said “f*** you” and “there’s only so much one can take as a competitor.” He said he will give the same energy back to them.

And this is just Game 1 of the series. You know Boston fans are going to be louder in Game 2.