No suspension, but Miles Bridges fined $50,000 for throwing mouthpiece

Miles Bridges ejected from Hawks-Hornets play-in game
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A frustrated Miles Bridges had just been ejected from a one-and-done play-in game with his team down 31 points and about to be eliminated. On his way to the locker room, one Hawks fan decided to be an a****** and demonstratively heckled Bridges on his way back to the locker room.

A frustrated Bridges took his wet mouthpiece and threw it at the heckler — and missed, hitting the girl next to him.

That will cost Bridges $50,000.

The league fined bridges $50,000, however, he will not be suspended for a game, the NBA announced.

Bridges owned his mistake — throwing his mouthpiece in the first place — during his postgame press conference.

“I was upset about a call – a couple of calls, really – and I let my temper get the best of me. That was definitely the wrong thing to do, throwing my mouthpiece. I was aiming for the guy that was screaming at me, and it hit a little girl. So, that’s definitely unacceptable on my part, and I take full responsibility. I’m ready for any consequences that the NBA gives me…

“I normally don’t let my emotions get the best of me. And for me to be in one of the biggest games I’ve ever played in and that happens, that’s unacceptable for me. That gives a bad image to my name and to who I am as a person, and that’s on me. Especially hitting a little girl, that’s terrible. I like to right my wrongs. So, I apologize, for sure.”

Bridges owning his mistake and his generally clean record beyond this likely saved him from a suspension.