LeBron James: Stephen Curry the current player I most want to play with

LeBron James and Stephen Curry at Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

What LeBron JamesStephen Curry feud?

LeBron on “The Shop“:

Steph Curry is the one that I want to play with, for sure, in today’s game.

I love everything about that guy.

Lethal, man. When Steph, when he gets out his car, you better guard him right from the moment he pulls up to the arena. Soon as he gets out of his car, you better guard his ass. You might want to guard him when he gets out of the bed. Swear to god.

Maybe this just honest praise from one great to another. As distance grows from their contentious Warriors-Cavaliers NBA Finals battles, it’s easier for LeBron and Curry to appreciate each other.

Perhaps, LeBron is merely fantasizing after their fruitful All-Star pairing, Curry scoring 50 and LeBron hitting the game-winner. That was so enjoyable, and LeBron can take extra pride in drafting Curry to his All-Star team.

But this is also the type of thing LeBron says to control the narrative. Remember the last time he was linked to the Warriors?

This shifts the conversation from the Lakers’ miserable season. It also sends the Lakers yet another message that he has interests outside Los Angeles (assuming Curry will stay in Golden State). Though he lacks leverage on a longer contract, LeBron can still apply some pressure on the Lakers to build a winner around him. However remote the odds, the Lakers don’t want LeBron leaving for the Warriors.

Golden State has a history of preparing years in advance to land stars. Maybe the Warriors will keep LeBron on their radar. But as much as he wants to play with Curry, LeBron gave another name for the teammate he wants the very most. Golden State’s best bet for luring LeBron: Drafting Bronny.