Draymond Green to Jae Crowder in lengthy back-and-forth: ‘You’re not like that. You from Buckhead’

Draymond Green and Jae Crowder at Golden State Warriors v Phoenix Suns in November
Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

Draymond Green said the Warriors would win the championship.

Which means preventing Jae Crowder and the Suns salsa dancing through the Western Conference again.

Phoenix and Golden State quickly emerged as the NBA’s top two teams this season and held their supremacy for a while. But while the Suns have remained elite, Green and the Warriors have tailed off. Phoenix’s 107-103 victory in San Francisco on Wednesday showed the gap between the two teams (albeit partially because Stephen Curry remains sidelined). So, Green has some reason for frustration, and Crowder has some reason to gloat.

As the game ended – and beyond – Green and Crowder jawed with each other.

NBC Sports Bay Area:

It’s no surprise this guy and this guy had so much to say, especially with the backdrop of hard-fought competition.

The best lines, as best as I could hear them:

  • Green: “You joke too much.”
  • Green after about a minute of talking: “There’s nothing to talk about, Jae.”
  • Green (a Saginaw, Mich., native) to Crowder (who grew up near Atlanta): “You’re not like that. You from Buckhead, Jae. You from Buckhead. You from a nice neighborhood. It’s not like that.”