Kevin Durant called Villanova’s Justin Moore to boost his morale, discuss Achilles tear

Houston v Villanova
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Kevin Durant knows exactly what it’s like to tear your Achilles at the height of your basketball career — Durant tore his during Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals.

Villanova’s Justin Moore tore his during the Wildcat’s 50-44 win over Houston to advance to the Final Four last weekend.

Durant was watching the game and knew what happened the second it happened. Villanova coach Jay Wright told Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo on SiriusXM that Durant called Moore to talk about the injury and lift the college junior’s spirits.

“I got to work with Kevin Durant this summer with the Olympic team and he had the same injury and he told me yesterday, he said it looked exactly the same as when I did it, exact same way. And he was nice enough to FaceTime with Justin and get his spirits up. Justin had his surgery yesterday morning and is doing well…

“It was really nice of [Durant]. He spent a lot of time explaining to him about the injury, how he can come back, how he had the same thing. He was watching the game. He said he saw it. He knew exactly what it was. And he was really great with Justin.”

Classy move by Durant.

Moore has a long road ahead of him, but hopefully we get to see him back on the court next season.