After Michigan State eliminates Davidson, Draymond Green trash talks Curry


Draymond Green talks a lot of trash. A LOT.

Stephen Curry is not spared.

After Green’s alma mater, Michigan State, hung on to defeat Curry’s college team Davidson in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, Green put up an Instagram story trash talking Curry —  “It’s actually a shame that Davidson stayed in this game” — and saying he had won the bet between the two.

“Steph, we will see you showing up soon with that Sparty costume on. I’m gonna order you a Draymond Green Michigan State jersey, or you can wear my Final Four jersey.”

Curry is out for a couple of weeks (or more) with a sprained foot, but he will be dressed as Sparty — or at least decked out in Michigan State gear — if he shows up to a Warriors home game soon.