Thunder, Grizzlies game delayed when both teams wear white uniforms


Until five years ago the NBA uniform rule was clear: The home team wears a light (usually white) uniform, the visitor a darker uniform. However, the league changed that so that the home team could choose — if the Celtics want to wear their green uniforms, for example, or the Bulls their red — they can, and the visitor has to choose a light color.

That led to some confusion in Oklahoma City Sunday when the Thunder came out in their home whites — and so did the Grizzlies.

The officials quickly remedied this mishap, sending the visiting Grizzlies back to change into their darker blue uniforms, but that delayed the start of the game a few minutes.

Let’s cut the equipment managers a break here — that is one of the league’s more thankless and challenging jobs. Mistakes and miscommunications happen, and frankly this one was kind of funny.

The Grizzlies in their blue went on to get the win, 125-118.