Stephen Curry overjoys young fan who cried when Curry missed previous Warriors-Nuggets game

Stephen Curry and fan at Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets
Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

Unhappy with how the NBA rescheduled its game against the Nuggets, the Warriors didn’t send their top playersStephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins – to Denver on Monday.

Which left one young Golden State fan in tears.

NBC Sports Bay Area:

Well, the Warriors returned to Denver last night – and Curry made up for his prior absence.

Mike Singer of The Denver Post:

What an awesome moment.

But it also illustrates why the NBA has a problem with teams sitting healthy players. The Warriors resting Curry, Thompson and Wiggins probably helped them get through a grueling season and – ideally for Golden State – long postseason. If so, it’s worth sacrificing a regular-season game. However, fans pay see the best players perform. The NBA is weakened as an entertainment product when stars sit.

Stephen Curry can’t personally greet everyone upset about not seeing their favorite players.