It’s official: DeAndre Jordan signs with Philadelphia 76ers


After trading away Andre Drummond to Brooklyn in the James Harden deal, the 76ers have been desperate for help at backup center. Paul Millsap, acquired from Brooklyn in that same trade, is not the answer.

Philadelphia will give veteran DeAndre Jordan a shot to fill that role; he has officially signed with the 76ers.

Note to Sixers fans who think their team found the answer: DeAndre Jordan had fallen out of the rotation with the struggling Lakers, the team was 10.5 points per 100 possessions worse when he was on the court this season, and ultimately he was waived to make roster space for journeyman guard D.J. Augustin. Jordan was an All-NBA center back in 2016, but since then Father Time has won the race. Brooklyn couldn’t find a role for him, nor could Los Angeles.

There weren’t better options out there for Philadelphia, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Jordan will be good in the locker room and could surprise on the court. It just wouldn’t be wise to bet on it.