Lakers, Warriors, Nets among teams targeting Goran Dragic after buyout

Dallas Mavericks v Toronto Raptors
Cole Burston/Getty Images

All season long, it has been expected that first Goran Dragic would get traded by the Raptors somewhere, second that new team would buy him out making Dragic a free agent, and third Dragic would sign with the Mavericks to play next to countrymate Luka Doncic.

Then Mavericks GM Nico Harrison said of his roster, “I think we’re set.”

The Spurs are not racing to buy out Dragic, but if/when they do, the Dragic sweepstakes for the best player on the buyout market will be on. Add the Lakers and Warriors to a long list of teams interested in the veteran point guard, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

The Lakers and Warriors are planning to join several rivals, including the LA Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets, in aggressive pursuit of Dragic, sources said.

Dragic is an experienced point guard, a locker room leader, and last season for Miami he averaged 16 points a game in their series against the Bucks. He can help a team.

The question becomes, what does Dragic want? Some teams can offer larger roles (and the possibility of re-signing with them next season), other teams offer a better chance at a ring, the money will be the same (or close to it) for everyone. This is about what Dragic wants in a working environment.

You can be sure the recruiting has already started.