Rockets’ Kevin Porter Jr. bounces ball off floor, into wrong basket vs. Raptors (video)


Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. had another eye-popping play at the buzzer.

This was a little different than his game-winner, though.

In the final seconds of Houston’s loss to the Raptors yesterday, Porter bounced the ball off the floor – and through the wrong basket.

The shot did not count. A player shooting at the wrong basket is a violation, not points for the other team if the ball goes through the hoop

Even if the shot had counted, the Rockets trailed 139-120. This was not going to swing the win-loss result.

But it was another head-scratcher from someone with a history of poor decision-making.

If you’re wondering, bouncing a ball into the correct basket before the buzzer would count:

Yes, if the ball bounces before time expired, and then goes in after time expires, it would count. If the ball bounces inside the arc, it would count as a two-point field goal. If the ball bounces outside the arc, it would count as a three-point field goal.