Watch Marcus Morris get ejected for clothesline of Ja Morant


Marcus Morris brings some toughness to a gritty Clippers team, the kind of squad that does not just concede layups and dunks.

But Morris earned and deserved an ejection for this hard foul to the face, clotheslining an airborne Ja Morant.

Morant wasn’t angry after the game.

“I’m actually cool with Morris, brother,” Morant said. “You see I got up. I played on concrete all my life.”

A fine is coming for Morris. (I’d say a suspension for clotheslining a defenseless player, but in Adam Silver’s world where Grayson Allen only got a one-game suspension for fracturing Alex Caruso‘s wrist, it’s hard to say this deserves a suspension. Then again, who knows? It feels like the league office decides this stuff with a roulette wheel spin.)

The Grizzlies won the game 135-109 behind 30 from Morant.