Former NBA player Ty Lawson arrested in Spain after two altercations

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Off the court concerns were among the reasons Ty Lawson‘s NBA career ended when it did after eight seasons. He took his ability to drive the lane and score to China but ended up banned from the Chinese Basketball Association.

Now comes a report he has been arrested in Spain following a couple of altercations. From the Spanish news agency EFE via

EFE reports, citing police sources, that Lawson injured a customer in an Italian restaurant by throwing a glass at him Saturday. The victim, that required stitches, informed the police that the perpetrator was a “well-known basketball player” and police issued a “search and arrest” order.

Later that day, Lawson was arrested when he was involved in an altercation in central Ibiza street.

Lawson is also reported to cause a commotion in Madrid’s Barajas Airport by having a “violent attitude.” He was on his way to Santo Domingo via transit but Iberia employees didn’t allow him to board the plane and authorities had to escort him to take another flight.

This is sad to hear. Hopefully, Lawson can find the peace he seeks.

Lawson, who helped lead North Carolina to an NCAA title, played eight NBA seasons, most with the Denver Nuggets, and averaged 12.7 points a game. He has been out of the NBA since 2017.