Rumor: Jaylen Brown could request trade from Celtics in offseason

Celtics star Jaylen Brown
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Celtics, by all accounts, want to build aroundnot tradeJayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

But, as we’ve seen recently, it’s not up to only the team. Stars can demand trades.

Steve Bulpett of Heavy:

Multiple sources have told that, absent the team getting its act together and playing more to its potential, Brown could be the one to acknowledge that the mix isn’t right and seek a move.

Ideally, Bulpett’s sources have insight into Brown’s thinking specifically. Everyone can see Boston’s struggles and Brown’s frustration then speculate he could request a trade. But is that actually what Brown is pondering? It’s an approach taken by some, not all.

Brown has two additional seasons on his contract (for $55 million-$62 million, depending on incentives).

Even if he’d ask out early if the Celtics continue to disappoint, there’s a long time until the offseason.

Boston has played better lately, winning five of six. Of course, the biggest test will come in the postseason. The Celtics have upside. They could send Brown into the summer with a very favorable impression.

Or the opposite.

If Boston gets eliminated early, there will be a lot of eyes on Brown.