Report: Ben Simmons has gotten vaccinated

Ben Simmons in Philadelphia 76ers v Brooklyn Nets
Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Philly fans, are you watching whether James Harden could join the 76ers next offseason, Ben Simmons going to the Nets in return? Still hung up on that Simmons-Kyrie Irving trade idea? Hoping the Wizards make Bradley Beal available and realize he’s the type of star Philadelphia wants for Simmons? Think Simmons could fit into the Raptors’ lineup of versatile lengthy defenders? Don’t trust that the Knicks will stay out of the Simmons derby? Still view the Warriors as a potential Simmons destination even though their owner got fined for publicly explaining why Simmons doesn’t fit in Golden State?

All those Simmons destinations look more plausible now.

Simmons reportedly reported to the 76ers unvaccinated in October. But his status has changed.

Ramona Shelburne of ESPN:

sources say Simmons chose to get vaccinated.

There are numerous reasons to get vaccinated. Vaccinated people are less likely to suffer severe outcomes from coronavirus, less likely to contract the virus and therefore less likely to spread it.

Simmons gains an additional benefit.

By getting vaccinated, Simmons – who desperately wants to leave Philadelphia – also makes it easier for the 76ers to trade him. Teams that play in places with vaccine mandates are now more firmly in play, as are teams that could face Toronto (where even visiting players are prohibited from playing if they’re unvaccinated) in the postseason.