Kevin Love on Lakers: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they figure it out”


Kevin Love was a college teammate of Russell Westbrook, and he won a ring playing with LeBron James. He knows them both.

He also said he thinks these Lakers can still figure it out, speaking on The Old Man and the Three podcast with J.J. Redick. Love also said the return of Anthony Davis — which could come Sunday against the Heat — is the key.

“I think if AD comes back healthy and is motivated, he takes that team to a different stratosphere… I wouldn’t be surprised if they figure it out, I would say All-Star break, after the All-Star break. I do feel like they will make some noise. How far they will go? I don’t know. But I think some of the expectations and scrutiny is, I’m not gonna say ‘unwarranted,’ but in some ways, unfair.”

That was something else Love touched on: The expectations for any LeBron team, and any Lakers team, is outsized. Combine the two and it’s a lot of scrutiny, a lot of everything getting broken down, but these Lakers are used to dealing with that.

The Lakers are 23-23, good for the No. 7 seed in the West, with the 23rd ranked offense and 19th ranked defense. The return of Anthony Davis should make them better, but even healthy and right are they a threat to the Suns or a healthy Warriors team?

That’s a gigantic step from where they are right now.