Nets assistant Vanterpool fined $10,000, team $25,000 for interfering in live play


It was a play unlike anything anyone had seen, so unexpected the referees didn’t catch it.

Nets assistant coach David Vanterpool reached out from the sideline and broke a Spencer Dinwiddie pass to Kyle Kuzma. Brooklyn grabbed the loose ball and went the other way with what was officially ruled a turnover (in a game ultimately decided by one point, 119-118). Washington argued the call, to no avail.

Thursday the league fined Vanterpool $10,000 and the Nets organization $25,000 “for Vanterpool interfering with live play.”

A fine after the fact is not the best punishment here, but the chance had passed to hand out a technical, a couple of free throws and the ball out of bounds — things that could have impacted the game. The game outcome did not change.

This felt less like a punishment of the Nets and more of a “don’t you even think about it” warning to other teams. It’s common for teams to crowd the corners near the bench; this was a reminder not to interfere with play.

It just comes too late for the Wizards.