Report: NBA bars Kings from repeating ‘Cold as Ice’ bit used on Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook in Los Angeles Lakers v Sacramento Kings
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Russell Westbrook has been struggling.

The Kings made sure he heard about it.

During the Lakers’ loss in Sacramento on Thursday, the Kings played as snippet of Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” loudly in the arena when Westbrook missed. He gave them plenty of opportunities while shooting 2-for-14.

NBC Sports California:


That’s funny. I hope they played that the last 14 years. It’s funny they’ll play it now. That’s cute.

Know who found it less cute? The NBA.

Sean Cunningham of ABC10:

It has been so miserable in Sacramento. Let the Kings have enjoyable things.

This is sports. Opposing arenas are supposed to unwelcoming when it’s in good fun. This was in good fun.

For the record: Westbrook shot just 49% on 2-pointers and 30% on 3-pointers in previous trips to Sacramento.