Kevin Durant fined for profanity during interview, not complying with NBA Security

Kevin Durant in Brooklyn Nets v Portland Trail Blazers
Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA f***ed with everyone’s schedule.

After a back-to-back in Brooklyn and Portland, Kevin Durant said, “Everybody’s schedule f***ed up.”

NBA release:

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant has been fined $15,000 for using profane language during a media interview and failing to comply with an NBA Security interview as part of the review process, it was announced today by Byron Spruell, President, League Operations.

Durant’s comments came during postgame media availability following the Nets’ 114-108 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Jan. 10

Players commonly swear during interviews without getting fined. This fine seems arbitrary.

Perhaps, Durant drew increased scrutiny because his comments could be construed to be critical of the NBA. The league doesn’t take criticism well.

But he was explicitly not blaming the schedule for the Nets losing, noting everyone is facing schedule-related challenges. He said: “They throw s*** at you, you’ve got to figure out how to work around it.” (More cursing, but again, not outside the ordinary.)

Another oddity: In 2017, Marc Gasol got fined $15,000 for swearing during an interview.* So, apparently the fine for “failing to comply with an NBA Security interview as part of the review process” is… $0.

*Derrick Rose and Nemanja Bjelica avoided fines after similar instances of swearing.

What’s the point of talking to NBA Security, anyway? Everything Durant said is on video. The league can get a full picture by just watching the press conference then drawing whatever conclusions it wants.

Which it did.