Kyle Lowry gets ejected for tossing ball to referee (video)

Kyle Lowry ejected from Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers
Soobum Im/Getty Images

Kyle Lowry has gotten ejected for throwing the ball too far to a referee.

Now, he has gotten ejected for throwing the ball too hard at a referee.

I guess.

Lowry got his second technical foul in the Heat’s 115-109 win over the Trail Blazers yesterday for this toss to Matt Kallio:

Crew chief Derek Richardson confirmed “throwing the ball in a forceful manner” factored into Lowry’s technical. In fairness to Kallio, slow-motion replays unhelpfully don’t do justice to the zip on the ball. But still. The velocity didn’t look excessive.

Want to see real intensity? Watch Tyler Herro go after Jusuf Nurkic following a hard screen and Nurkic go right back at Herro:

Herro’s and Nurkic’s ejections seem more warranted.