Alvin Gentry on Kings’ 25-point loss to Grizzlies: ‘Most disappointed I’ve been in 34 years in the NBA’

Kings coach Alvin Gentry
Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Kings interim coach Alvin Gentry returned from coronavirus protocols… just in time to oversee Sacramento losing by 25 to the Grizzlies yesterday.

Gentry, via Taylor Wirth of NBC Sports California:

“That’s the most disappointed I’ve been in 34 years in the NBA,” Alvin Gentry told reporters. “I can honestly say that performance was absolutely ridiculous. We didn’t play hard, we didn’t compete, we gave up 19 offensive rebounds for 37 points or some astronomical figure. We didn’t guard the ball, we didn’t guard screen-and-rolls, we didn’t follow the game plan. All of those things.

“To be honest with you, it’s the most disappointing game that I’ve been involved in. No competitiveness whatsoever.”

“You can’t get a reputation in this league of a team where you can come into their home gym and do what they just did to us,” Gentry said. “I’m just telling you, it will stay with you in the NBA. If you let teams come in and do what they did to us –they basically toyed with us and we’re not that team. We’re not a team that people come in here to toy with. So yes, if you ask me if I’m upset and disappointed, you’re damn right I am.”

Gentry has been a head coach with the Heat (interim only), Pistons, Clippers, Suns and Pelicans across 17 seasons. He has spent more than a decade as an NBA assistant coach.

But there’s no place like “basketball hell.”

Remember, though, Gentry chose this.