Rich Paul says LeBron James, amid Kendrick Perkins-inspired trade speculation, not leaving Lakers

LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers
Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

Kendrick Perkins seems close with LeBron James.

Which is why it drew attention when Perkins wondered aloud about LeBron demanding a trade from the Lakers back to the Cavaliers:

But don’t connect those dots.

Shams Charania of The Athletic on The Pat McAfee Show:

I spoke to LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul, and he said that talk in itself is just ridiculous, and it’s totally false. LeBron James isn’t leaving the Lakers. He’s going to be on the Lakers.

LeBron initially signed with Los Angeles on the longest-allowable contract, said just last year he’ll be a Laker the rest of his life then signed an extension.

But LeBron also said he planned to finish his career with Cleveland then left at the next opportunity. So, never say never.

Still, this didn’t seem like Perkins planting a seed or floating a trial balloon or conveying inside information about LeBron. Rather, it just looked like a way of pointing out the Cavs (19-13) have been better than the Lakers (16-16) this season.