Spurs’ Thaddeus Young hopes for a trade to a contender

Denver Nuggets v San Antonio Spurs
Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Thaddeus Young has been honest, saying the rebuilding Spurs are not a good fit for him.

There are a lot of playoff teams that could use a savvy, veteran stretch 4/5, and Young continued his run of honest talk with Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports on the Posted Up’ podcast, he wants to land on one (hat tip Hoop Rumors).

“With this organization and this franchise, we’re not in a contending situation. We’re going to compete and we’re going to try to contend and try to do things, but we’re in a rebuilding situation. With being in a rebuilding situation, that’s not ideal for a guy that just came off a really good season, going into his 15th season to going to another rebuild.”

Young is on an expiring $14.2 million contract.

Young’s name has come up in trade rumors, although his limited play this season in San Antonio has not boosted his trade value. His per-minute numbers are close to previous seasons, but at age 33 there will be questions about a decline in skills. Two seasons ago in Chicago, he averaged 12.1 points a game, and he is a career 33% shooter from 3, and can play some small-ball big.

Expect some team to make a run at Young closer to the trade deadline, the Spurs will be seeking picks or young players to help with the rebuild.