Report: Zion Williamson weighed 330 pounds

Pelicans star Zion Williamson
Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Zion Williamson‘s weight drew major attention when a report said it surpassed 300 pounds.

What about 330 pounds?

When discussing on “The Lowe Post” podcast Luka Doncic‘s admittedly subpar conditioning, Tim MacMahon of ESPN indicated Doncic – listed at 230 pounds – reported to training camp at 260 pounds. Then, the discussion turned to Williamson (listed at 284 pounds).


The number I’ve heard from several places on Zion is 70 pounds higher than 260.

It’s unclear when Williamson weighed so much and how much he weighs now.

As always, the question is whether Williamson is at – or even near – optimal conditioning for playing basketball. The Pelicans star succeeds by playing with tremendous power. But he also puts so much force on his body.

Williamson remains sidelined by a foot injury.