Rudy Gobert slams drink onto court, nullifies Anthony Edwards 3-pointer

Rudy Gobert Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves
David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Timberwolves spent their time downplaying Rudy Gobert‘s defense.

They had a more-legitimate grievance about Gobert’s tantrum last night.

After getting called for a foul and going to the bench, Gobert slammed his bottle down in frustration. Some of the Jazz center’s drink spilled onto the court.

Officials stopped play… just as Minnesota wing Anthony Edwards hit a 3-pointer.

If the whistle blew before Edwards shot, I didn’t hear it. The first whistle I could hear came as Edwards was at the top of his shooting motion.

More ridiculous: Officials didn’t penalize Gobert. That should have been an easy technical foul.

The sequence probably didn’t swing the final result. Utah won by 32. But it’s incredible Gobert got away with that.