LeBron reportedly tried to track down Isaiah Stewart to apologize


Isaiah Stewart lost his mind — and you can’t blame him. He took a fist to the face that drew blood. If that happened in a pickup game on the asphalt, what would go down?

But that blow from LeBron James to the face of Stewart, it looked accidental — LeBron looks like he was trying to use his elbow to get Stewart’s arm off him, and when he came through with his hand caught Stewart in the face. For the record, Pistons fans would disagree with that interpretation; decide for yourself.

LeBron looks like he tries to say it was an accident when it happened, and Shams Charania of The Athletic reports LeBron attempted to get the number for Stewart to reach out and apologize and say what happened was not intentional (we don’t know if he succeeded).

Whether or not it was intentional, but it was still a blow to the face. The NBA world is waiting to see if LeBron will be suspended? Stewart certainty will for his repeated attempts to get to LeBron and get his retribution, but will LeBron?

Good luck predicting the NBA’s fine and suspension policy, it’s as random as a roulette wheel.