Nets have exaggerated celebration for James Harden drawing foul (video)


Nets star James Harden has struggled to draw fouls with the NBA’s rule changes this season.

So, Harden finally drawing a whistle on Bulls center Tony Bradley – just after an especially egregious no-call on Nikola Vucevic – elicited a Bronx cheer from Brooklyn.

Harden lifted and pumped his fists and grinned before making the and-one free throw. His teammates got off their seats in an over-the-top celebration. Nets coach Steve Nash chuckled at the theatrics.

However, Harden attempted only three free throws last night, and Brooklyn lost to Chicago, 118-95.

Harden is attempting just 4.6 free throws per game – way down from his 7.3 last season and less than half as many as he averaged each of the preceding six seasons.