Report: Ben Simmons meets with 76ers-recommended mental health specialist

76ers star Ben Simmons
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Ben Simmons – while claiming he isn’t mentally ready to play – has kept the 76ers at arm’s length.

So, they resumed fining him.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

Simmons has reportedly met with mental-health professionals through the players’ union for months. It’s easy to see how his mental challenges could be directly tied to the 76ers.

So, this seems like it could be a key step toward Simmons returning to play.

Or at least toward Simmons not getting fined anymore.

It’s impossible to forget Simmons didn’t want to play for the 76ers ever again. He ended his holdout only after they heavily fined him. Sometimes, it seems he’s doing whatever necessary to avoid further fines.

But actually playing again for Philadelphia? As encouraging as this development could be, it’ll take more to believe that’ll happen.