Unvaccinated Mavericks guard Trey Burke misses coronavirus test, loses game check

Mavericks guard Trey Burke
Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Unvaccinated NBA players, unlike their vaccinated peers, must undergo regular coronavirus testing.

Mavericks guard Trey Burke ran into issues with that prior to Dallas’ loss to the Heat on Wednesday.

Associated Press:

Veteran Mavericks guard Trey Burke, who is unvaccinated, missed the COVID-19 testing window for the second time in four games and was unavailable, forfeiting another game check. Kidd said Burke will travel with the team for Wednesday night’s game at San Antonio.

“For us as the Mavs, we can only talk (to him) about it,” Kidd said. “He has the responsibility to show up on time.”

The testing is burdensome. Barring union challenge, Burke will lose $34,389 per missed game.

Even more reason to get a vaccine that’s generally safe and reduces coronavirus contraction, spread and severe outcomes.