Carmelo Anthony counters ‘misconception:’ ‘I’m easily adaptable’

Carmelo Anthony in Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Just a few years ago, Carmelo Anthony said coming off the bench was out of the question and he couldn’t be effective in a small role.


Anthony, via Dave McMenamin of ESPN:

“I think people don’t really understand me,” Anthony said. “I think there’s a misconception out there about me and not being able to adapt to situations. But I’m easily adaptable, man, to any situation.”

Anthony deserves a ton of credit for coming back after falling from the NBA. He at least somewhat changed his offensive approach, becoming a better spot-up 3-point shooter and no longer as frequently disrupting offensive flow by overdribbling. He got into better shape. He even has moments defensively.

But the reason Anthony deserves so much credit for coming back is because he was struggling to adapt. It was not an imagined problem.

It might not be coincidence Anthony’s comment came after leading the Lakers over the Rockets. Anthony resented Houston not giving him an opportunity to adapt. Given Anthony’s tenure with the Thunder, Houston’s reticence was at least somewhat understandable. But given how Anthony got on track with the Trail Blazers, maybe the Rockets should have given him more of a chance.