Report: NBA players won’t have vaccine mandate

Andrew Wiggins and Kent Bazemore with Warriors
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

As of last check, approximately 90% of NBA players were vaccinated.

The other 10% or so – presumably including vocal skeptics Andrew Wiggins and Kent Bazemore – won’t be required by the league to do so.

Baxter Holmes and Adrian Wojnarowski:

NBA players will not be mandated to get vaccinated against COVID-19, league sources tell ESPN.

Unvaccinated people are more likely to contract coronavirus. They’re more likely to have severe health outcomes if they contract coronavirus. They’re more likely to spread coronavirus.

Therefore, unvaccinated players will face additional restrictions.

Local government regulations prohibit unvaccinated Knicks, Nets and Warriors (a complication for Wiggins) from playing home games. The league is also reportedly requiring unvaccinated players to undergo frequent testing, wear masks/sit apart from others at team events and quarantine for seven days if in close contact with someone with coronavirus.

But – through the resolve of their union – players can choose to accept those burdens rather than get a highly effective and free shot.