Draymond Green: I think Kevin Durant blocked my number after blowup, talked only through Instagram DMs

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant with Warriors
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Kevin Durant said he isolated himself after Draymond Green‘s infamous blowup at him during a 2018 Warriors game.

Green on Carmelo Anthony‘s wine podcast:

I think there was a time period of where he wasn’t trying to say nothin’ to me. I think there was a time period where my number might have been blocked from his phone. I think there was a time period where I could only talk to him through Instagram DM. But I ain’t never hit him on no like, “D***, you got a new number?” or “Yo, did you block me?” If I can only talk to you on Instagram DM, then that’s where I’m going to talk to you at. Because ultimately, it’s your decision on whatever terms we’re going to be on. The terms I wanna be on is that you my brother, I love you, I got nothin’ but love for you, and we can continue to build our relationship. But if that’s not where you’re at, I had to respect that.

Once that moment was over, I’m past the moment. Now, but in that situation, it’s not up to me to be past the moment, which is why ultimately, everything that happens from that situation is ultimately up to him. And I think one of the reasons we could reconcile our relationship and get back close and have a relationship again, is because I did approach it that way.

Durant’s Instagram habits are… something.

Green admitted he was wrong (though doesn’t accept responsibility for Durant’s discontentment in Golden State nor Durant leaving for the Nets). Durant said the incident contributed to him leaving, though there were clearly other factors.

Though they’re no longer teammates, it’s nice Green and Durant have gotten back on better terms. They were so close and bonded further through years of chasing the shared goal of a championship. Time heals nearly all wounds.

It also helps when the wrongdoer acquiesces to the wronged person, as Green did to Durant.