Patrick Beverley denies telling Stephen Curry ‘The next five years are mine’

Patrick Beverley and Stephen Curry in LA Clippers v Golden State Warriors
Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Patrick Beverley – after the Clippers acquired Kawhi Leonard and Paul Georgereportedly told Warriors star Stephen Curry in 2019, “You had the last five years. The next five years are mine.”

Since, the Clippers suffered a humiliating second-round loss then lost in the Western Conference finals (with Leonard sidelined). Beverley has gotten traded to the Grizzlies then Timberwolves.

Not exactly Curry’s run of five straight NBA Finals, three titles and two MVPs.


Yal gotta chill. Never said this ever. Stop listening to the internet.

funny as [s***] tho

If Beverley didn’t say that, it’s unfair he has become the butt of the joke for the comment.

But Beverley still has more cases of gloating about the Clippers getting Leonard and George to answer for.