Report: Lakers considering signing Isaiah Thomas into open roster spot

Isaiah Thomas in Nuggets-Pelicans
Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Isaiah Thomas played three games, a total of 48 minutes for the Pelicans last season at age 31, as he tried to prove that he has recovered from the hip and other injuries that slowed the career of the two-time All-Star. He also played for Team USA as it qualified for the World Cup.

Then he went out and dropped 81 in the Seattle pro-am recently — not exactly NBA-level competition, but 81 is 81.

All of this is enough to have the Lakers considering a reunion of Thomas and LeBron James, according to Marc Stein.

The Lakers have three remaining open roster spots but very well may only fill two of them, leaving room for later additions or trade deadline maneuvering. All of those have to be filled with players at the veteran minimum.

Is Thomas a better signing than other available free agents who might take that minimum, such as Wesley Matthews, Avery Bradley, James Ennis, Paul Millsap (who might want and get more than the minimum), J.J. Redick, Dante Exum, and Patrick Patterson? The Lakers also may bring back Jared Dudley. Some of those players may be better fits and less of a risk than Thomas.

But if LeBron wants Thomas, the Lakers will get Thomas.