Chris Paul does not run again, CJ McCollum reportedly elected NBPA president

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Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

For the past eight years — and through a CBA negotiation — Chris Paul has been the president of the National Basketball Players Association, often called the player’s union.

When it came time to run for another four-year term this offseason, Paul decided to step aside, something Marc Stein reported was likely a day ago. Now comes word that CP3 did indeed step aside, and long-time NBPA vice president CJ McCollum is stepping into the big chair. From Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

This was the expected order of succession, and it was as peaceful a transfer of power as the players could hope for. It also means that there will not be dramatic changes in the focus or direction from the union.

McCollum will oversee some critical times for the union and the business of the league in his four-year term.

First, the union is searching for who will replace Michele Roberts as executive director, a process that was suspended during the pandemic but is expected to pick up again.

Second, the current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) — the agreement between the players and the league covering everything from contracts through the salary cap and into every other aspect of the NBA’s business with players — is set to expire after the 2024 season. That is one year before the league’s national television deal expires as well.