Report: Knicks signing Evan Fournier (up to $78M), Derrick Rose ($43M)

Evan Fournier in Orlando Magic v New York Knicks
Getty Images

Evan Fournier will lead France against Italy in the Tokyo Olympics quarterfinals in less than eight hours.

So, he hoped to delay a decision in NBA free agency.

But when the Knicks – who are also re-signing Derrick Rose – came calling…

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN:

The Knicks were good last season. Derrick Rose was a key contributor. So were Nerlens Noel and Alec Burks, whom New York is also re-signing.

A wing who can shoot and has on-ball skills, Fournier is a nice and well-fitting addition.

But this is a lot of money on multi-year deals for veterans with minimal untapped upside. The Knicks are using much of their flexibility to build a team that looks like it’ll top out as solid – which could complicate landing a star.

Which might be fine. After so many lean years, New York could be content with a solid team. The Knicks have sunk much lower when chasing – and missing on – stars.

The Celtics saw the writing on the wall with Fournier, trading for Josh Richardson as a replacement in the wing rotation.