Report: Cavaliers hope to trade Kevin Love

Cavaliers big Kevin Love
Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cavalier are looking into trading Collin Sexton.

And apparently Kevin Love, too.

Kelly Iko of The Athletic:

The Cavs are also engaging teams in trade discussions surrounding guard Collin Sexton and hope to move Kevin Love and his remaining $60 million elsewhere, per sources.

Love might also want Cleveland to trade him.

But what team wants the highly paid 32-year-old who struggles to provide production to his team?

Maybe the Cavaliers have become more realistic about Love’s value. A couple years ago, they were seeking a first-rounder for him while other teams wanted a first-rounder for taking him. Love’s brief stint with Team USA only further discouraged.

The Cavs can keep Love. As they slowly rebuild, there isn’t really the urgency to unload his contract and spend that money elsewhere. But that carries the risk of Love’s attitude continuing to worsen.

A buyout could make most sense, though that depends how much money Love is willing to sacrifice to choose a new team.