Michele Roberts: 90% of NBA players vaccinated

NBA vaccine
Keith Birmingham, Pasadena Star-News/ SCNG

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said in April more than 70% of players were vaccinated.

Where does the league’s vaccination rate stand now?

National Basketball Players Association executive director Michele Roberts, via Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports:

I had individual conversations with players who were rabidly opposed to a vaccination, who I know got vaccinated, ultimately.

And it ended up being exactly what was described as it was a personal decision, where the guys wanted to work through their concerns. I mean, we were at 90%, which I, frankly, think is much, much more than I would have predicted a couple of months ago. We had meetings with all the teams. And they were asking those who were inclined to be vaccinated and those who weren’t asking very, very tough questions of our docs.

And then I’m told that there were team meetings, player only, where they internally discuss their concerns. And so some of the decisions that were made over the player’s personal objection, but he thought it was in the best interest of the team. I’ve had players who were telling me that well, you know, ‘If I had my way, I wouldn’t have gotten the vaccination, but I’m very close to my grandmother and I do not want to be the one responsible for getting her sick.’

For perspective, about 70% of American adults have received at least one vaccine dose.

The conversations Roberts described are very normal, not just within the NBA. Vaccines prevent contracting coronavirus, developing serious symptoms if contracting coronavirus and spreading coronavirus. There are numerous reasons to get vaccinated.

A large majority of NBA players found at least one.