Report: ‘Highly likely’ Pistons stay at No. 1, draft Cunningham


The chance to have the top pick in the draft and select a franchise cornerstone player doesn’t come around very often.

The Detroit Pistons are not trading that No. 1 pick away.

While speculation about the Rockets wanting to move up from No. 2 — they do — or Pistons GM Troy Weaver playing devil’s advocate and talking Jalen Green or Evan Mobley is fun, when the Pistons are officially on the clock we know what they are going to do. The latest report by The Ringer’s Kevin O’Conner emphasizes that.

This week there were reports that the Rockets, who hold the no. 2 pick, may want to trade up to no. 1, currently held by the Detroit Pistons. Houston would love to select Cade Cunningham, a 6-foot-8 playmaker from Oklahoma State. But league sources have emphasized in recent days that it’s highly likely the Pistons will just stay put and take Cunningham.

This has always been the path the Pistons were on. Sure, they should explore their options, but the chance to choose a 6’8″ playmaker in Cunningham that nearly every scout as at the top of their board, a guy whose skill set fits today’s NBA beautifully, is not something you pass up.

This No. 1 pick could well set the Pistons up for the next decade. They’re going to take it.

The real question is what the Rockets will do at No. 2.