Alex Rodriguez says he’ll keep Timberwolves in Minnesota

Future Timberwolves owner Alex Rodriguez playing for Seattle Mariners
Otto Greule Jr. /Allsport

Alex Rodriguez is rumored to want to move the Timberwolves to Seattle.

But he’s at least saying he’ll keep the franchise in Minnesota.

Dane Moore of Blue Wire Podcasts:

Though the sale agreement with Glen Taylor doesn’t prohibit Rodriguez and Marc Lore from moving the team, there would be roadblocks.

For one, the sale is facing a legal challenge. Even if the sale goes through, Rodriguez and Lore wouldn’t gain full control of the franchise for years.

Plus, the NBA must also approve a relocation. The league might prefer putting an expansion team in Seattle, which would generate a large expansion fee.

For speculation about a team moving, the New Orleans Pelicans are a better target.