Knicks’ R.J. Barrett responds to ‘stupid-ass question’: ‘We’re winning tonight’ (video)

Knicks guard R.J. Barrett
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Clint Capela said the Hawks – up 3-1 on the Knicks – were coming to New York for Game 5 tonight “to send you on vacation.”

Knicks guard R.J. Barrett had a different idea – though only when prodded about how he’d view the season if New York doesn’t get past the first round.



Why you got to be so negative? I ain’t thinking about that. We’re winning tonight. I’m not thinking about that. C’mon, bro. Stupid-ass question.

The question was pretty ill-timed. It’s unsurprising Barrett didn’t want to consider losing. He’s focused on winning Game 5 tonight.

That said, Knicks big Taj Gibson gave a more-thoughtful answer to Marc Berman of the New York Post when asked the same question.

Plus, Barrett’s irritation probably stems less from the question and more from how he and the Knicks have been playing.