Watch Kyrie Irving stomp on Celtics’ logo after Nets win (video)

Nets star Kyrie Irving near Celtics logo in Game 4 in Boston
Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving pledged to re-sign with the Celtics in 2018, brooded through the season, selfdestructed in the playoffs then left for the Nets that summer.

Now, he’s leaning even further into basketball villainy in Boston.

After helping Brooklyn to a Game 4 win over the Celtics last night, Irving stomped on the Lucky the Leprechaun logo at midcourt.

NBC Sports Boston:

This apparently deliberate move by Irving has been juxtaposed with a fan throwing a water bottle at him afterward, and it’s worth making the comparison.

What Irving did was awesome. What the fan did was terrible.

Irving didn’t do anything that could physically harm anyone. He made a delightfully disrespectful symbolic gesture. Booed and cursed at throughout these last two games in Boston, he more than earned the right after scoring 39 points in the Nets’ victory. It was enjoyable theater in the NBA’s great drama.

If Celtics fans want to boo him even harder next time, more power to them. It’s fine to get worked up in good fun without crossing any lines.

Irving set a shining example of that last night.